Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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What are some healthy alternatives to give out on Halloween that kids will actually enjoy?

Justin Traft:
Some great ideas for alternatives to hand out on Halloween are trail mix, which gives the children a healthy variety in its package. Also granola or healthy cereal bars like Kashi offer a sugar free cereal bar with nutritional value. Plain raisins or yogurt covered raisins are a great choice for fiber and of course a healthy option for your trick or treaters. Another great choice is dried fruit. Everyone loves regular fruit , but dried fruit makes it seem like your having something sweet like candy but in all reality you’re not. The trick is the treat itself! Sugar free gum is also a great treat that can help promote cleaner teeth after indulging in a sweet treat or two. Lastly, one of my all time favorites are mini protein bars. Now these come in many different flavors but basic flavors such as chocolate and peanut butter are always the favorites since they so closely compare to those unhealthy candy bars everyone hands out. Not only are you handing out something that looks like a candy bar, you’re giving out something packed with protein and vitamins.

Adam Teplitz:
If you're looking to be the healthy house on Halloween, here are some healthy alternatives to hand out other than candy: beef jerky, fruit such as apples or oranges, snack sized cheese and crackers, pretzels, raisins, hot chocolate packets, sugar free gum, granola bars, trail mix packs, or popcorn.

If you're looking for some healthy alternatives that you can make with the kids, there are plenty of options. Frozen chocolate drizzled bananas (dark chocolate offers plenty anti oxidants), Rice Krispies treats, pumpkin or carrot cupcakes. Orange foods such as pumpkins are nutrient dense with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and carotene.
There's no reason why you can't enjoy Halloween and be health conscious as well.

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